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Bocaddon Farm Veal - The Real Veal Company

Welfare-friendly veal from South East Cornwall
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List of all available cuts with prices


The classic cut of veal.  These are ‘proper’ escalopes, each cut from a single muscle and painstakingly prepared in our own butchery.  Veal escalopes go beautifully with light, creamy sauces and can also be breaded for authentic Wienerschnitzel.

Price - £29.90/kg.  1 pack of 2 escalopes = c. 200g-300g


Rump Steak

Thicker than escalopes, these mouthwatering steaks are surprisingly tender - delicious grilled, fried or on the barbecue.

Price - £25.90/kg.  1 pack of 2 rump steaks = c. 250g-300g



With prime meat from the eye of the loin or rib, our bone-in chops have a rich, sweet flavour.

Price - £19.90/kg.  1 chop = c. 200g-350g


Bavette steak

An unusual cut from the flank, these steaks are especially good grilled or barbecued.  Also suitable for stir-frying and dishes cooked in sauce (eg stroganoff, green curry etc)

Price - £14.90/kg.  1 pack of 2 bavette steaks = c. 350g-400g


*Onglet steak

The true skirt – only one per animal!  Dark colour and rich flavour.  Best grilled rare.

Price - £14.90/kg.  1 onglet cut into 2 steaks = c. 350g-400g



Small, tender pieces for quick cooking.  Great for stir-fries, stroganoff, pasta sauces

Price - £14.90/kg.  1 pack of stir-fry = 250g



Small but perfectly formed. Cut into medallions or roast whole for a really classy veal dish.

Price - £39.50/kg.  1 fillet = c. 700g-1kg


Rack of veal

The king of roasting joints, a rack of veal on the bone makes a fabulous centrepiece for a dinner-party or other special occasion

Price - £19.90/kg.  c.1.25kg (2 ribs) – 2.5kg (4 ribs)


Top Rump Roast

These prime, boneless roasting joints make a great Sunday lunch.

Price - £14.90/kg.  Can be cut 1kg – 3kg


Silverside mini-roast

For those who want a smaller roasting joint.  Serves 2-3.

Price - £17.50/kg.  1 mini-roast = c. 400g-600g


Shin (Osso Buco)

Thick cuts across the shin - bone in, of course, with the marrow. Ready to be made into melt-in-the-mouth Osso Buco, or braised in a rich wine casserole.

Price - £16.90/kg.  1 piece of osso buco is c. 200g-350g


Shoulder joint (boned and rolled)

One of the tastiest cuts of veal, featuring in many recipes.  These lean, boneless joints are great value, and have a fantastic flavour  when cooked slowly.  Great for a pot-roast.

Price - £11.50/kg.  Can be cut 750g – 2.5kg



The equivalent cut to a brisket of beef or pork belly, this slow-cooking cut has a little more fat than other cuts, adding wonderful flavour.  Can be prepared as a flat boneless piece or boned and rolled.

Price - £9.90/kg.  Can be cut 1kg – 3kg



Trimmed and prepared chunks of lean meat. Cooks in 1 to 1.5 hours.  Great for a blanquette or other veal casserole.

Price - £12.90/kg.  1 pack = 500g

Stewing Steak

Cut from the neck, these slow-cooking steaks offer great flavour and value.  Suitable for richer dishes such as Goulash, Marengo etc

Price - £8.90/kg.  1 pack = 500g


This versatile mince is ideal for meatballs, terrines, burgers, bolognese and pretty much any recipe that calls for minced meat.  Leaner and softer than most beef mince.

Price - £8.90/kg.  1 pack = 500g



Our veal sausages are gluten free, and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings.

Price - £4.90 per pack of 6 sausages



Our veal burgers are gluten free, and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings.

Price - £3.90 per pack of 2 burgers

Calves liver

The most highly prized of all livers, this tender delicacy needs no introduction.

Price - £29.90/kg.  1 pack of 2 slices = c.200g-250g



Price - £11.50/kg.  1 kidney = c.350g-500g



Price - £4.90/kg.  1 heart = c.1kg



Price - £6.90/kg.  1 tongue = c.500g-700g



Price - £6.50/kg.  1 tail = c.400g



Price - £14.50/kg.  1 pack of 2 cheeks = c.250g-400g



Price - £29.50/kg


NB - All cuts are subject to availability

* Indicates items in particularly short supply, and sometimes not available at all



Rump steaks



Rib rack

Top rump roast

Shin (osso buco)