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Bocaddon Farm Veal - The Real Veal Company

Welfare-friendly veal from South East Cornwall
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The Bocaddon Farm Veal Story

Bocaddon Farm Veal was born in 2006, when Jon and Vicky Brown moved to Bocaddon, Vicky’s family farm in Cornwall. Vicky’s brother Rob had a dairy herd on the farm but, as often happens on dairy farms, most of the bull calves were unwanted and were being disposed of at birth. Jon and Vicky decided to try rearing some calves for veal – in the open air, with a varied diet – to see if they could establish a market for this misunderstood meat.

Veal calves at Bocaddon Farm in 2007

In 2008 Rob took on rearing the calves, allowing Jon and Vicky to concentrate on the preparation and selling of the meat. As well as rearing all of the bull calves from Bocaddon for veal, we were also able to make use of unwanted calves from nearby farms. We built a butchery unit on the farm in order to have more control over the finished product, and continued expanding slowly, picking up multiple awards and plaudits for our fantastic meat.

A short film about veal production at Bocaddon in 2009

In 2010 our lives and business were turned upside-down when Rob was killed in an accident. With no-one able to take on Rob’s enormous work-load on the farm, the dairy herd was eventually dispersed, and the last of the Bocaddon veal calves were taken to slaughter in summer 2011. Jon and Vicky decided to continue the work that had been started with the veal business, and we found a local farmer, Darrin Hooper, to rear calves for us to our specifications on his farm at nearby Tideford.


Veal calves at Darrin Hooper's farm, Tideford, 2011

The philosophy of our business remains exactly the same – unwanted dairy bull calves reared in small groups, in the open air and with a varied diet. Cornish calves, reared and slaughtered in Cornwall, and all cut and prepared in our farm butchery at Bocaddon. With Darrin’s help we will be sure to provide the same quality product and the same personal service to new and existing customers across the UK.

See Jon rant about 'Why it's cruel NOT to eat veal' at the Abergavenny Food Festival 2012.